Saiyma Haroon – Mrs. Pakistan 2012 Interview


 Is this criticism the symptom of radicalization of society and marginalization of liberal elements? How should these liberal elements respond? 

In my opinion criticism is necessary for optimal growth, it helps you to reflect over things and improve. Criticism will always be there, you just have to face it, evaluate it and see how it can help you get better

Women in most entertainment avenues in Pakistan are sometimes criticized? Why are Pakistani women more subject to criticism than other countries like India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Lebanon or even other Muslim Nations like Malaysia & Indonesia?

The Fact that Pakistani women are generally more criticized compared to Muslim women from other nations makes it evident that it`s more of a cultural thing. Pakistanis are more conservative when it comes to women liberation. However I think the trend is changing and we can see more of new faces appearing nowadays in the TV serials and that is quite refreshing.

As a woman who is a mother, wife and now Mrs. Pakistan, what platform would      you believe in in regards to Charity?

I am very touchy when it comes to child abuse and women (and in some cases men) living in abusive relationships. I myself have seen people suffering and have helped them out from traumatic I know how it damages a person for life and how tough it is to come out of it.

I have a few things in mind I would like to do to contribute there. (Inshallah)


Pakistani people are quiet far from the world of entertainment but yet they tune in to the entertainment industries of other nations, is that fair? 

People choose to watch what pleases their eyes. We have to admit that the Pakistani film industry still has a long way to go. Bollywood and Hollywood has done quite well and are definitely leading there. And deserve the credit. It’s high time our Pakistani film industry makes some big changes…and start making more movies like “Bol”” and “Khuda Ke Lie” But when it comes to our TV serials and singers I don’t think any other nation can match us there. Lately most of the hit songs from Indian movies are sung by Rahat Ali  Khan or Atif Aslam and that makes us proud. I think it’s a good think to get the best of both worlds and I hope that continues for the better.

Who is your Pakistan female role model?

Well if I have to choose one then that has to be Bushra Ansari. She is beautiful, an all rounder and has a smile that can lighten up anyone’s day. There is something really pleasant and charismatic about that lady and she seems like a very positive person which I like.