Saiyma Haroon – Mrs. Pakistan World 2012 Interview


Tell us a bit about yourself

I am Norwegian born but practically brought up in Lahore Pakistan. My parents moved back to Lahore when I was around 6 and we moved back to Norway right after i completed my GCSE from Lahore Grammar school. I completed my IB from Oslo International school and that’s when i got married and got settled in Oslo. I have been visiting Lahore for holidays. I am qualified as a skin and beauty therapist, also hold a diploma in Business and administration and currently working as a Financial adviser in a Scandinavian bank in Norway. I got a few modeling offers during my stay in Lahore a few years back and face modeled for a magazine as well but never perused my career in modeling as I was too busy being a mom. Apart from that I have indulged in voluntary social work and worked for an organization called IHSG in Norway along with my full time job as banker, mother and wife. My interests: Yoga, Pilates, photography dancing, good poetry and music

How does it feel to win the Mrs. Pakistan World 2012 pageant?

I feel excited and honored to get the opportunity to represent Pakistan and I hope I will be able to do justice to the title.

What are your expectations this year?

My expectations this year are to travel, meet people and get the opportunity to contribute as much as I can and use this platform to make a difference in some way.

What are your plans?

Too many balls in the air when it comes to me. I am planning to go back to university to study leadership and management, will be participating in the international beauty pageants this year so will be travelling as well.. and would love to indulge in social and charity work.

What advise do you have for married Pakistani women who want to do pageants?

I would just say that if they really want to do it and have the right personality and confidence then they should go for it, but they should discuss the pros and cons with there husbands beforehand and be aware of the pageant rules. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and participating in a pageant is once in a life time experience!

What advise do you have for men who are married whose wives are wanting to become part of pageantry?

I strictly believe that when you love someone you would want to see them happy and grow. If your wife wants to be a part of the pageant and gets the opportunity then why not support and encourage her. That would give a boost to her self confidence and make her feel good about herself.. Participating in a beauty pageant is every girls secret help her make her dream come true.  A happy woman will raise a family that is happier : )

Any advise for the young girls vying to become Miss Pakistan World?

Firstly I would advice them to keep in mind that the Miss Pakistan world title is not just all about looks, it`s a combo of beauty, brains and the right attitude..You must be humble and level headed and be ready to face the challenges that come your way. Use this platform to do something good for your country and represent it worldwide in a best possible way. In spite of the issues Pakistan is facing, there are countless things about our country we can be proud of..let the world know about it.

What  would you comment on the recent situation of Pakistani women in Pakistan?

The situation of women in Pakistan varies across classes, regions and the rural/urban divide. I feel the situation of women is improving radically in Pakistan when it comes to educational opportunities. Hope that continues as our nation definitely needs educated women as only they can be the best mothers to raise our kids who are our future

As Mrs. Pakistan World 2012, what are you trying to change for the women of Pakistani decent in the western world?

I would hope that more designer brands from pakistan would be introduced in the west. Pakistani dresses are extremely lovely if carried in the right way but since I travel a lot I have noticed that many countries in the west are still not updated when it comes to the latest trends and fashions in Pakistan,  that includes also Norway

Mrs. Pakistan is a new concept started  years ago, as the fifth woman to make history, what is your message to the people of Pakistan?

I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change ( Michael Jackson)

Don’t wait for any radical to change our country. Do what you can to contribute instead of waiting for someone else to change the situation overnight.  Start with the man in the mirror 🙂 God bless out country and our folks. Amen!