Mariam Mohammad – Mrs. Pakistan 2014 Interview

How does it feel to achieve this title of “Mrs. Pakistan World 2014?”

I am honored and shocked at the same time.  Looking around at all of these beautiful and talented women makes me incredibly proud to have won but it is also easy to see that any one of these incredible individuals could be standing where I am now.

As a married woman, how would you rate the current situation of women in Pakistan?

I see women with no privileges in a male dominated society of Pakistan.  When a woman is young her father decides for her.  After marriage, her husband and her in-laws get involved and take over the decision making process on her behalf.  Depending on the family, many Pakistani women are deprived the opportunity to educate themselves and broaden their paradigm of the world.  This is heartbreaking.

Are you planning on doing anything for the plight of women in Pakistan with your title?

I want to be a role model and show that anything and everything can be possible.  Islam was the first religion to recognize the equality of sexes and grant women’s rights, which was unheard of 1400 years ago.  I want to help bring those rights and values back to the surface and shed light on the fact that they should not ever be forgotten.

To be married and have children is a huge responsibility, how will you juggle both being Mrs. Pakistan World and a mother or wife?

All leaders of the world must juggle things in their lives.  Successfully being a parent, wife and professional over the past several years has taught me many skills.  I embrace the opportunity to add responsibilities and skills to my life and be in a position to help people with those skills.  Honestly, it can be difficult to juggle, but despite how busy life can get, I felt like I needed to do something for me and my community and to be a role model for other women.

What advice do you have for other married Pakistani women who want to do things they like for example modeling, acting, singing or being a beauty queen?

I think women should have the confidence to chase their dreams.  In the end, they will live life more fully and also evolve into healthy role models for other women.  Chasing dreams will provide all women the confidence to learn and challenge them to grow, develop and aspire to be whatever they would like to be.

Besides achieving Mrs. Pakistan World what else have you achieved in life?

My education and my career achievements! My biggest achievement is overcoming my fear of failure and allowing myself the possibility of true success.  It gives me a complete sense of living.

Any word of advice to all Pakistani girls for taking part in beauty pageants!

Be confident and remember that anything is possible. Never give up and Good Luck!