Usma Kashaf the new Mrs. Pakistan 2018

Usma Kashaf  from Arkansas, USA and Lahore, Pakistan is the new Mrs. Pakistan 2018!

What is your greatest achievement in life?

My greatest achievement for sure is following my dream to become a stylist and Entrepreneur. My family is a family of physicians or IT professionals. My parents wanted me to do Masters in English literature so I did it. After fulfilling my parent’s dream I eventually got back to my own dream. In the beginning It was a struggle to get into this industry but I kept struggling. I definitely consider myself blessed and lucky enough to work in my dream field.

What are your goals?

I am in a position where I can motivate others and be a good role model. I can confidently motivate others to follow their dreams. My goals as Mrs. Pakistan 2018 is to advocate for humanitarian issues and be a voice to affect positive change in the world. To create a network of friends and colleagues on which to draw support. As a leader and role model in our own communities, I would like to bring positive change through volunteering, fundraising and advocacy. One thing is for sure I want to make this world a better, beautiful place for humanity and for up-coming generations. A world where there is no racism, discrimination or hatred.

What charities do your work for?

Styling, posing, modeling, acting, dancing, singing all things creative is all me and it comes very natural to me. Creative stuff, you name it, and I am all yours!

Life can be hard and sadness inevitably comes in everyone’s life. This happened to me when I lost my mother. It was a most sensitive and heart touching time. All the memories I have of my mother as a sweet, strong and woman of substance. She was highly qualified, talented, elegant, beautiful, the epitome of grace. She died so young but she lives in my heart. Her memory will forever be cherished. Cancer took away my mother so I decided to link myself to a cancer program where I can serve cancer patients.

I volunteer my skills to “Look Good Feel Better Foundation”.  This program is open to all women with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or other forms of treatment. It is a non-medical program aimed to help patients cope and manage the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment.  We forget about the psychological trauma that affects women undergoing chemotherapy. I help them to regain their confidence about their appearance and to appreciate their “new beautiful look”.

The time my mother had been fighting cancer I knew nothing about cancer.

After getting into beauty industry I realized I can serve cancer patients as well.  Women who have been fighting for their life and going through physical changes and emotional trauma. As a makeup artist I educate them how to go through this rough time and be strong, positive and still can look beautiful . Honestly by educating and helping them, I feel better about myself.