Saman Hasnain – Mrs. Pakistan World 2008/9

With her almond shaped eyes, flawless skin and full beautiful lips, Saman Hasnain at age 37 has gone down in history as Pakistan’s second Mrs. Pakistan World 2008. Saman, a licensed realtor and loan officer is a happily married mother of 2 beautiful boys and has spent 15 years in the real estate industry. She is a true role model for many married Pakistani women.

Her main focus and aim is to gear the younger generation of Pakistan towards education. She is also passionately involved with many charities that promote progression of women and education in Pakistan. She showed her charitable nature by helping build a school in a small village in Pakistan for 1000 children, and shown consistent support for DIL (Development in Literacy), all while volunteering at her children’s school in San Francisco. She plans to use her new title to increase her work and broaden her scope throughout the world.

Well Saman Hasnain the newly crowned Mrs. Pakistan World 2008 has one year to represent Pakistan in international pageants and promote Pakistan in a different way to the world. Hasnain, who now lives in San Francisco with her family looks at this win as a great honor and triumph for Pakistani women. “I would like to change the world’s perception of Pakistani women. It is important to raise funds and help resolve issues faced by Pakistan. I hope to act as a role model, and encourage, educate and motivate Pakistani women to help achieve a strong and progressive Pakistan” says Hasnain.

This Sagittarius enjoys soft rock music and ghazals. Her all time favorite movie is Titanic. She describes her personality as creative, dynamic, confident, ambitious and patriotic. She is a mother, a loving wife, enjoys a sense of style and believes in creating a happy home for her family.