Nyla Hasan – Mrs. Pakistan World 2011

Nyla Hasan is the President of Global Image Strategies (GIS), a premier Image Consulting firm. She trains and empowers individuals and organizations, through her Workshops and Seminars in Image Enhancement, Communication Training & Etiquette Coaching. Her work results in an immediate and lasting transformation in the success of her clients. Her key strength is in helping her clients achieve a powerful Presence, Internal Strength and Confidence through a “Personal Mindset Change”.

As Mrs. Pakistan world 2011 and a mother of three beautiful children, she knows too well the challenges that a modern woman of today faces as she strives to create a beautiful balance between her home and work. “Women have the power to mould the course & future of Nations” she says casually, “and as such are responsible for and must be equipped with practical knowledge, a high-level awareness and an open/balanced mindset!”

Nyla is a professor at Toronto’s leading Fashion College, where she trains other Image Consultants. She has also designed & delivered numerous Seminars through the Learning Annex where thousands were transformed as a result of her work! In addition, she has served on the Board of Directors for AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) in Canada. A true believer in giving back to the community, she takes an active interest in community work and regularly designs and delivers effective, life changing “Pro-bono” programs for non-profit organizations and women’s shelters.