Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 is Ravish Zahid – Thomas from USA

Ravish Zahid - Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020
Ravish Zahid – Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

Name: Ravish Thomas 

Meaning of name (or why you were named Ravish)The meaning of my name is pathway/manners. Other meanings include motion, walk, practice, custom, rule, behavior, course, manner or method. Pronounced as raa-vishMy father picked this name from Urdu literature because he is a great admirer of the Urdu language. He said he picked it for numerous reasons. First and foremost, he wanted all his kid’s names to have distinctive names and special meanings. Secondly, because it harmonized with my elder sister’s name that is “Parivash.” Lastly, because of the meaning itself. He desired for me to be an exemplifier of good practices, great customs and to set a course for others and rule like a trailblazer. 

Currently (Working/studying): Currently, I am a full-time student in the business department, focusing on a bachelor’s degree in human resource management at the University of Texas at Tyler. I will be graduating the fall of 2020. 

Favorite color: Black 

Favorite outfit/designer: Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) 

Ravish Zahid - Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020
Ravish Zahid – Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

Favorite Lollywood star: Mahira Khan 

Favorite Hollywood star:  Bradley Cooper 

Favorite movie: Bol 

Favorite singers:  Aima Baig 

Favorite song: Teriyaan 

Favorite tv show: Khaani 

Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate 

Favorite cuisine: Pakistani BBQ

Favorite restaurant:  Pakistani authentic cuisines 

Ravish Zahid- Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020
Ravish Zahid- Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

Favorite sports: Cricket 

Favorite sportsperson:  Shahid Afridi 

Favorite book/author: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover 

Favorite activity: Volunteering for those in need in my local community 

I hang out:  With my family and friends because social interaction is an important aspect of my life 

I’m freaked out by: Insects 

I need:  Coffee 

I want to be:  prototype and inspiration to those following their dreams 

My role models (and why):  My role models are Camila Coelho and Negin Mirsalehi because of their lifestyle, achievements and success. They have not only inspired me to become what I am today, but they motivate me every single day to become an international top Pakistani influencer/content creator like them one day. 

Ravish Zahid- Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020
Ravish Zahid- Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

Tips to save the planet: Tips to save the planet include reducing, reusing, and recycling. Cutting down on what you throw awayEducating yourself and those around you, and conserving water and electricity. 

Becoming Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 is: Becoming Mrs. Pakistan World is a dream come true. It is a great honor and, I must say, a great privilege to become Mrs. Pakistan World 2020. Being able to represent Pakistani married women not only in Pakistan and the United States of America but, rather, at an international level around the globe is a great opportunity.  I am beyond glad and humbled as a married Pakistani woman to be able to get this title to inspire more married women and help them make positive change in their community through their individuality. 

In a perfect world: In a perfect worldlife is not a bed of roses. Life is a struggle to achieve the impossible. I believe if money, time, people, and supplies are not the issuesand we get everything we ask for. Then although life will be a bed of roses, these roses will not be an act of hard work, rather an emblem of gratitude. Things like money, time, people, and supplies are the things that we, as humans, desire for and work hard for. As Colin Powell said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Roses are a small gesture of appreciation, love

Ravish Zahid- Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020
Ravish Zahid- Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

and affection. When we get things in life without really earning it, it will not only make us insignificant but also make us not value those things. We all know that the best things in life are not always complimentary. We must work hard for them and if we get everything in life without working hard for it, there will be no aspirations, no ambitions, no achievements, and no responsibilities. The world will careen onto a different road altogether. A road that will lead to filth, greed, ego and chaos. 

Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 the title means to me: Mrs. Pakistan World 2020 title means to me that pageants are more than just being pretty. I want to show everyone that dreams do come true, therefore never give up on them. If you can’t chase them, don’t surrender them either. If you get the opportunity seize it. Who knew that I will be getting interviewed for the Mrs. Pakistan World title today? It was just a dream when I was a little girl and now it’s a reality.