Mariam Mohammad – Mrs. Pakistan World 2014

I am honored to represent the unique married women of Pakistan and their fabulous families.  As a wife, mom and full time professional, I understand the challenges that come with balancing priorities, something past winners seem to all hold dearly.  I currently reside in Seattle, Washington with my amazing and supportive husband Laiq and my overwhelmingly loving 16 year-old daughter Sahra, who makes us incredibly proud.

After receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from University of Washington, I accepted a position to work as a community association manager and project manager for a real estate firm.  Having a strong passion for working with people along with utilizing my strong work ethic are paramount to my success in this field.

It is my intention to pursue a Master’s Degree with the dream of becoming an international business leader.  I am so blessed to be stabilized by such a supportive family to allow me the strength to involve myself with our community and pursue my dreams and goals, which are achievable due to strength in family and my personal mantra of anything is possible.  I come from a diverse background and I speak three languages.  In my spare time I enjoy shopping, hosting, traveling, fitness, Yoga,

One of the greatest responsibilities in representing the Mrs. Pakistan World Organization is giving back to the community while inspiring others to do the same.  I value and respect the mission of so many charitable organizations and have donated countless hours to their various causes, focusing on domestic violence and child abuse.

Passionate does not adequately describe the burning desire I feel as I speak out to end domestic abuse. I want the women of Pakistan to regain a portion of the rights that were stolen from them and am more determined than ever to make their voice heard.  Teaching adults how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to domestic abuse is one powerful way to do that.  I hope to instill the power of community service and the realization that as you give of yourself and inspire others to do the same, MOUNTAINS MOVE and lives are forever changed.

My family is my greatest blessing, and like any other Pakistani American family, we are filled with the same concerns, joys, heartaches, passions, and dreams for a bright future. For my husband and myself, our marriage is the most important institution and we hold true to the belief that as long as we stick together, whether it is in our family, our community or our nation, we can make it through ANYTHING. We are humbled and honored to be considered for the title of representing Mrs. Pakistan World.